Litesphere & Adapt Catalog

ADAPT & Litesphere™ Mounting Options Optional Lamp Shade Accessory Multi-purpose cable with cable locks for quick, reliable support up to 200 lbs. of load and spans from 60 - 500 feet. NOTE: INSTALLATIONWITH SUSPENSION CABLE EXAMPLE ONLY - Additional parts may be necessary for standard Litesphere. If a catenary curve is required, add 1-3’ of Litesphere for every 20’. LS-CABLE LS-LOCK LS-LOCK LS-TT LS-UVZP LS-CABLE LS-TT Catenary Cable Tensioning Tool Allows you to tension wire up to 880 lbs. with minimal effort. LS-LOCK LS-UVZP UV Zip Ties Ultraviolet resistant, heavy duty ties. Maximum weight up to 100 lbs. per tie. Catenary Cable Available in 60’, 110’, 500’ 1/8” Cable thickness with hanging loads up to 200 lbs. and tension pull up to 880 lbs. Cable Lock For 1/8th inch cable, Heavy-duty lockable fasteners support loads up to 200 lbs. Can be easily adjusted without the use of tools.