Litesphere & Adapt Catalog

ADAPT Glass Tivoli’s ADAPT collection are individualy picked for style and beauty. Litesphere™ ADAPT Utilizing Litesphere’s™ VHO as the base building block, ADAPT adds 11 designer globes bringing a new dimension to Tivoli’s timeless classic. Silicone coated for durability and safety and coupled with the ADAPTer that enables them to be threaded for added safety. the Litesphere ADAPT enables easy installation and maintenance. Recommended application as a low output architectural edge or canopy lighting for indoor or outdoor applications. Litesphere™ ADAPT DROP A simple 3 step order process for cord spacing, drop length with light engine and globe choice for endless design combinations. Litesphere ADAPT DROP creates a unique experience for personal or public space. Available with 3 different drop lengths to achieve a unified look or mix all 3 for a staggering effect. ADAPT Commercial Strand 120V Tivoli’s ADAPT family continues to grow - ADAPT Commercial String Light in standard 48’, 120V strand with E26 medium base socket. Available in black or white color with 24” O. C. socket spacing. 400Lm light engine (LED Filament) surrounded by our unique 11 ADAPT globes - G125 or ST19 glass profiles of your choice. Litesphere™ Commercial grade, outdoor rated, low voltage LED strand lighting, for surface mounted or suspended applications. Includes choice of weather proof clear, colored, or frosted globes. Numerous color temperatures available with lumen output from 9 to 90 lumens. Low output indoor and outdoor application for architectural edge or canopy lighting. Litesphere™ DROP A twist to our legacy Litesphere strand. Add texture to your design with additional DROPS. Available in 3 different DROP lengths with 3 spacing options. Energy-efficient, low voltage strand lighting in 3 different intensities SB, HO and VHO wedge-base LED lamps surrounded by shatterproof polycarbonate G19 globe. Mounting & Accessories Litesphere™ & ADAPT Light Strand Series page 38 - 39 page 15 - 23 page 26 -27 page 36 - 37 page 4 -14 page 24 - 25 page 28 - 35